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I'm not a VMware employee, so have no visibility to what's happening in the company or the team that develops VMware Workstation. There's doubtless things happening I'm not aware of, but as a VMware customer, it's really not a great look that a Technical Preview is launched to solicit customer feedback and there's effectively no engagement by VMware.

I've personally surfaced an issue and a feature request, both unaddressed, and the issue is the survey links for this preview are broken. That was two months ago! Presumably it doesn't matter, as if anyone cared about survey responses, they'd have noticed there aren't any and so fixed it by now. The lack of any engagement by VMware seems to be a common experience among posters.

What's the point of a Technical Preview if the feedback is just left not merely unresolved but not even acknowledged and responded to? People are taking the time to give constructive feedback and it's simply ignored. Doubtless Workstation Pro 17 will be a paid upgrade, and at least for me it's going to be a bitter feeling if I do fork out the upgrade cost knowing my and others' input has simply been ignored.

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