Stability and performance

Stability and performance

I would like to propose a few of long-time existing glitches and performance limitations (that affects hundreds of my coworkers and are quite frequently mentioned on this forum as well).

- Manual tweaking of power throttling (in Windows) and P cores affinity (VMX) to avoid freezes, that reduces performance of the VM since 1/3 of the cores cannot be effectively activated (E cores on Intell 12/13th generation processors).

-  Mysterious random GUI/Xorg freezes that forces to suspend and / or restart VMs with certain 5.15/5.19 Linux kernels for supported Ubuntu 22.04 LTS releases (at least this seems to be gone in 6.2 kernel).

- Limited performance of NVME disks, that after tuning can reach only <75% (Ubuntu 22.04 6.2 HWE) of raw host performance (5.x kernels are worse). Additionally, NVME controller is affected by strange I/O timeouts on certain workloads / configurations (23H1 beta seems to be reducing number of timeouts but not eliminating). Finally, in my case SCSI is not a fallback since performance is significantly worse, reaching ~30% of raw host performance (especially terrible latency).

- Limited performance of SVGA3D driver, especially now when GPU Partitioning becoming a thing in Hyper-V for standard GPUs.


I would add USB4 to the list.    This is a shot in the dark as I have not tried the 2023 preview.


Repairing the effectively unusable keyboard when not in CPL0 would be very helpful.

I would actually purchase another license to upgrade to a confirmed fixed version of VMware Workstation.

Context: When running VMware Workstation on top of the Microsoft Windows virtualization interface, to make it compatible with

  • Windows Sandbox
  • Hyper-V
  • WSL2
  • ... and probably some more technologies where Microsoft have built on top of their virtualization stack

the keyboard in a VMware Workstation virtual machine gets any of

  • phantom key repeats (cursor keys are very popular)
  • seconds of delay until a key _registers_

... unless the user wiggles the (Bluetooth) mouse while typing on the (USB) keyboard, because the mouse apparently triggers some kind of acceleration / interrupt handling that makes the keyboard work fine.

This is not a problem of the virtual machine - everything works perfectly fine when that runs at CPL0 / VMware bare metal virtualization mode.