Horizon Workspace 1.5 - Load Balancing with F5

Horizon Workspace 1.5 - Load Balancing with F5


This paper details the setup of F5 BIG IP 11.3 with Horizon Workspace 1.5 to load balance gateway-VAs for both internal and external access as well as load balancing kerberos enabled connector-VAs.


When setting up Horizon Workspace 1.5 for production usage a typical requirement is to have service level reduncancy for the different virtual appliances that makes up Horizon Workspace.

This setup requires load balancers in front of the Gateway Virtual Appliance(s) as well as Connector Virtual Appliance(s) configured for Windows (Kerberos) Authentication.

If the Horizon Workspace will be used externally a Load Balancer also needs to be placed in the DMZ. It is not supported to place Gateway VA(s) the DMZ.

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