EUC CST Tech Notes - IDM Steps by steps 3 node cluster - v4.pdf

EUC CST Tech Notes - IDM Steps by steps 3 node cluster - v4.pdf

Created this document to help customers configure their 3-node Identity Manager cluster, running with an F5 LTM in front of it. This was done with IDM 2.8.

It is not meant to replace current documentation but more along the lines of a deployment guide document, including screenshots.

Would appreciate any comments and feedback.


Hello, thanks for the aswsome Guide!

Maybe it would be also nice to insert  a guide or a hint, which format or attributes a certificate should have to be valid (e.g. SAN- Alternative Names, RSA for private key. etc)

Are there any considerations? I can't find any...

Thanks and best regards,


Hi @SAsselin007,

when starting 2nd node I always get a red error on the dashboard for Application Manager - Integrated Component. Per page 17, it states that we have to wait for things to settle, but is there any service or log that we can check ?

Thank you

Sorry I did not see this sooner. For some reason, I never got notified that you sent this...

Let me try to get back to you in the next couple of days, if this is still valid for you.

This is most likely related to Elastic Search not finding the first node properly. You don't specify here but I'm assuming you have 3 nodes up and running correct? Have you tried to reboot the first node, then boot node 2 and 3 at same time? I need a little bit more information on your environment to provide more information.

Yes, there are 3 nodes up and running, v 2.8.1. I posted days ago here Elasticsearch error

It´s deployed from scratch.

Thank you.

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