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Wondering if anyone tried this before. Normal process for us to get people to update (we have a mix of supervised and non-super devices) their iOS is to email them with a notification to update, then 3-4 weeks later we turn on compliance so they get the standard AW compliance email as a reminder, then another 3 days later another email and then removal of profiles should they fail to comply.

However for whatever reason, people do not read or ignore the emails so management want a better solution. Is it possible to push a profile that change the background wallpaper (plain and simple to say update this device) and it's tied to the compliance policies, so that once device complies, wallpaper reverts back to their original wallpaper?

Only section I can see to set wallpaper is via Settings - Apple IOS - Managed Settings but this is kind of static and done at each OG level.


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It would be ideal for this to be accomplished with a device profile. Good call-out.

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