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macOS remove firmware password

I am looking for a way to easily remove the macOS firmware password that has been set on our devices.

The current firmware password has been set via a profile in WS1 and we know what the password is I am just looking for a way to quickly and easily remove this password in bulk as we decommission devices.

I have done some searching and come across a number of post that have scripts that should be able to remove a known firmware password but I am having trouble getting these to work using the WS1 script function.

For instance this script appears to do exactly what I need it to do (with a slight modification of setting it to -delete) but deploying this via a script in WS1 (I have it set to show in the catalogue but not run on a schedule of any type) will show that it has executed the script but the firmware password remains.

Does anyone have anything that have put together than allows for the deployment of a script/tool that can remove macOS firmware passwords?

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