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iOS apps not installing on iPhones

We have two issues with apps not installing on our fleet of iPhones via WS1. The first is the iTunes licence issue and the second is the app just getting stuck on "installing" but never actually installing.

I have possibly found an iTunes licence workaround but this doesn't help phones where the apps don't get that error message.

In the troubleshooting log there are no errors reported but the app never installs. Sometimes wiping the device can fix it but that's not a good option at all. We've tried several options with the help of support such as updating the iOS system software, trying to install the app on the phone through the Hub app, Removing the app from being assigned to the phone then re-assignng it and nothing works.

WS1 support seemingly have no idea how to fix it as it has been on going over 12 months now. Has anyone else had this issue and if so were you able to fix it?




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