iOS Updates not installing on some iPads


I have pushed iOS 14.2 from the console and for the most part it went well. Lots of devices updated and didn't have many support calls.

I do however have and issue specifically with a certain subset of iPad Air 2 devices. For some reason, when I send the Download and Install command to these devices it doesn't work.

I have checked the Troubleshooting section for one of the devices and insteads of saying InstallASAP it says Download Only. 

I really don't understand why. The result is that the iPad downloads the software but does not install it. It goes black, comes back with an Install failed.

Have tried wiping the devices but still not allowing the update. I have also tried installing different version of iOS via the console and no changed there either. The only thing that works is a restore through Configurator which obviously is not a helpful solution for most users.

Anyone living something similar?



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