iOS - Shared Device - Boxer keeps mails?


when using Boxer on shared device (iOS 13.3.1), the boxer app (5.14.1) keeps the data of the former logged in user.

I still can read emails of this user.

Any ideas?


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App Data still remains. You have to uninstall and reinstall Boxer after each user logs out of the shared device.

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This is bad. Has anyone brought this to VMware's attention?

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I wonder if the new "Shared iPad" feature in iOS 13.4 would correct this behavior

Shared iPad

• Shared iPad is available for Managed Apple IDs created in Apple Business Manager.

• The new MDM Settings command SharedDeviceConfiguration enables dynamic

quota management for users and apps. When you set up a new Shared iPad in iOS

13.4 you can specify the amount of space to be used for each user's local storage,

instead of specifying a number of local users, and space for apps will be allocated as

needed, instead of fixed during setup. Additional space for local user storage can be

created by deleting apps on the device, or space for apps can be created by deleting

cached user accounts from the device. If additional space is needed for a new user, the

local data for the oldest user will be removed to make room, as before.

• Users can now log into a temporary session on a Shared iPad. No user account or

password is required, but none of the user's data is saved or synced to iCloud when

they logout. This feature is enabled by default; it can be disabled by setting the

allowSharedDeviceTemporarySession key to False in the Restrictions payload.

• Screen recording is now available in Control Center on Shared iPads.

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