"Unable to find user in active directory" error during OOBE enrollment

Hello all, I'm getting the above error when on the OOBE screen, after entering our Microsoft credentials/Okta credentials to go thru OOBE. Any idea what the problem might be? 
I read somewhere it is/could be an attribute misconfiguration, however, I don't know where the issue is. 
In access, External ID matches the Workspace One Azure Active Directory Mapping Attribute, so both Access and WS1 hold same attribute, and the Access Workspace One Provisioning App has an AAD mapping attribute tied to a such external ID. The thing is, in the WS1 settings "Immutable ID mapping attributes" in the System, Enterprise, Directory Services section is set to ObjectGUID which is what's coming from Azure. The Azure Object ID matches none of the External ID in Access and WS1. 
How can I fix this :/. I cannot autopilot any devices. 


Attaching screenshots. I've tried getting Workspace One support to no avail.

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