Workspace portal 2.1 Integration with ThinApp 5 Issue

I am attempting to integrate Thinapps with Workspace portal 2.1. Few details on my process below.

  • Thinapp for notepad++ 6.7.7 has been created (exe and msi).
  • I have checked the option to manage with workspace portal during build and specified the workspace portal url.
  • I have copied the the thinapp files to a share under a sub-folder named "notepad++ 6.7.7"
  • I have enabled package applications in the Connectors Service Admin page with the UNC path. "Sync Now" produces a confirmation of the application was uploaded.
  • After entitlement of the application I am able to see the application listed in the User portal.
  • Workspace Agent is installed on the Windows computer that I am attempting to launch the application from.
  • I receive an error:


Didn't think there was a such thing as "ThinApp Client".

Let me know if there are some specific logs or configurations anyone would like to see.

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