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Workspace one or vRLCM API


Currently off my nut trying to solve an issue we have. 

The use case scenario is the following as described by vmware: https://docs.vmware.com/en/vRealize-Automation/8.11/extensibility-migration/GUID-CA281F6C-1735-4184-...

My issue is syncing my AD domains in workspace one or the LCM. I'm finding a lot of ways to obtain tokens but none of them seem to give me the access that I need. 

So on my workspace one appliance, i created a client ID and secret, obtained a token from the API to continue but when trying to sync the directories against /SAAS/jersey/manager/api/connectormanagement/directoryconfigs/<DIRECTORY_ID>/syncprofile/sync just wont do anything, anything I send at it comes with a garbled response so i dont know whats wrong.

Then read I can do from the LCM - so I am logging into the LCM, getting a token to place in the Cookie header and i can do some get requests, get certs and other info but attempting to sync with: /lcm/authzn/api/idp/dirConfigs/syncprofile/sync, it tells me "full authentication is required" but ... I cant find what login method it means by that.

Tearing my hair out, any hints appreciated

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