Workspace One UEM Console issue and unable to enroll after 20.11 upgrade

This is more of an FYI since the issue for myself is fix. I'm just posting it just in case someone else comes across this issue and VMWare might not have create a KB for it.

After upgrading to UEM 20.11 you notice the following things happening

  • List view doesn't always load
  • iOS device details don't reliable load
  • MEM Last request is not updating properly
  • unable to enroll iOS devices

We created a ticket and due to the different issues it was requested to be split up, With our industry we needed to bump it up to a Sev1 since we can't have users without phones.  After multiple teams and different engineers we finally got one that went "I recognize this issue"

Here's what's happening

When you have an OG listed as type Customer  and you have a child OG also listed a Customer and change in the code for 20.11 sees this an causes a bit of a panic and causes the above errors, pervious version didn't have this check. 

Our fix was to run an SQL query to locate all OG's with type as customer.

Next look at the structure of the groups and see which Child is causing the conflict.

Then you need to look at a few different setting to make sure they are inheriting from the higher OGs.

One of the items to check is VPP.

After all the checks pass, DB backup then another SQL query to update the child OG to type container.

reboot the servers just in case.

So thanks' to the engineer that figured this out.

As an aside for those worried about doing a large upgrade jump, we went from 19.5  to 20.11  in one go. 

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