Workspace ONE Access OVF Deployment via PowerCLI Issues

I'm having an issue deploying the Workspace ONE Access OVA via a PowerCLI script.  In the script, I configure the vApp options as so:

$OVFConfig.Common.vamitimezone.Value = $wsoTZ
$OVFConfig.Common.ceip.enabled.Value = $wsoCeip
$OVFConfig.Common.vami.hostname.Value = $wsoHostname
$OVFConfig.DeploymentOption.Value = $wsoDepOption
$OVFConfig.EULAs.Accept.Value = $true
$OVFConfig.IpAssignment.IpProtocol.Value = $wsoIpProtocol
$OVFConfig.NetworkMapping.Network_1.Value = $wsoPortGroup
$OVFConfig.vami.WorkspaceOneAccess.gateway.Value = $wsoGatewayIp
$OVFConfig.vami.WorkspaceOneAccess.domain.Value = $wsoDomain
$OVFConfig.vami.WorkspaceOneAccess.searchpath.Value = $wsoDomain
$OVFConfig.vami.WorkspaceOneAccess.DNS.Value = $wsoDnsIp
$OVFConfig.vami.WorkspaceOneAccess.ip0.Value = $wsoIp
$OVFConfig.vami.WorkspaceOneAccess.netmask0.Value = $wsoNetmask

The variables are set to appropriate string values for each of these items.

When I adjust these values manually in a PowerCLI session, I am able to confirm the correct values are set in the OVF Config.  However, when the appliance is imported into vCenter, the vApp options for the Networking show blank rather than the values that were set here.  I noticed the keys shown on the vApp are different than the ones listed above.  Here are the keys from the vApp:

vApp Options.png


When I tried adjusting to use these keys to configure the OVF, errors shown based on incorrect keys. 

What am I missing?  There are no issues when you deploy the OVA manually in vCenter.  Is anyone else having this issue?



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So, interesting discovery.  The example above used New-VM to import the vApp from the Content Library.  The one here used Import-VApp and pulled the OVA from the current system.  As you can see, the OVF Config settings carried fine through the VApp creation.  Is there anyway to import a VApp from a Content Library and retain the settings or is there something I'm missing between the New-VM and Import-VApp functions?

vApp Options from vapp-import.png


I'm new to working these scripts and going through the Command Reference was where I found the New-VM option to import with an OVF Config.  Why would the OVF Config be ignoring the settings like this in one instance but not the other?



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