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Windows 11 Readiness with Workspace ONE

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Any updates on proper support for Windows 11 22H2?  I know it has only been out less than a week - but we're pushing the envelope here!  The primary place I noted this on our console (which is 2203...) is in building a Smart Group:


I was able to work around this a bit by setting the operator from "Equals" 10.0.22000 to "Greater than" 10.0.22000, but for some reason it is only picking up a few of the 22H2 machines we have (my system in particular also now will not fully load the hub, it stalls on "Please wait while we load your workspace.").  Any ideas?  Is a newer Hub client needed, and if so is it in progress?  I don't expect the SG creator to work without a platform update or some hotfix to our SaaS tenant, but this is less critical vs. being able to cleanly manage the devices.

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