Windows 10 per-app VPN tunnel

Hi all,

wondering if someone could help with the issue below?

When using the per-app vpn tunnel (internal client) on a windows 10 device, we’ve set the device traffic rules for the browsers to only access 2 internal sites. The browsers are set to bypass the tunnel for all other traffic. 
when we launch the browser on the device,  the tunnel says it’s disconnected and shall connect when required (which we expect). However, when we go to our internal site from the traffic rules, the browser says site cannot be found while the tunnel client goes from connecting to connected. Within 1-2 seconds of that, the internal site is automatically fetched again and loaded. 
While the site does load, this would certainly confuse the end users a bit. We were hoping that there is an option that we could apply via UEM that would work around this e.g. the browser waits till the tunnel connects or retries x times before saying page not found (similar to how vpn and managed domains work on safari on an iOS device).

Is this something you have encountered with windows 10 and the per-app tunnel with a browser? Any tips or pointers would be really appreciated.


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