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WS one profile to deploy custom cellular apn


I'm setting up a android for work custom setting profile to add a apn to devices ( Non Samsung).

I've came up to this configuration:

The first five <parm name =...> are required , but every other one are optional.

<characteristic uuid="99be39a9-55f4-4f86-1297-782e999d9641" type="com.airwatch.android.androidwork.APN" target="2">
<parm name="EntryName" value="apn.internet.com" />
<parm name="ApnName" value="apn.internet.com" />
<parm name="ApnTypeBitMask" value="TYPE_DEFAULT" />
<parm name="Mcc" value="123" />
<parm name="Mnc" value="01" />
<parm name="UseManagedAPNs" value="FALSE" />
<parm name="NetworkTypeBitMask" value="" />
<parm name="AuthType" value="" />
<parm name="Username" value="" />
<parm name="Password" value="" />
<parm name="ProxyServer" value="" />
<parm name="ProxyPort" value="" />
<parm name="Mmsc" value="" />
<parm name="MmsProxyServer" value="" />
<parm name="MmsProxyServerPort" value="" />
<parm name="Protocol" value="" />
<parm name="RoamingProtocol" value="" />
<parm name="CarrierId" value="" />
<parm name="MvnoType" value="" />

the profile is created and sent do the test device, but on the apn menu it's not listed.

if someone could please help on this,



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