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VDS Switch Naming Convention

Hello everyone,

Briefly, I am new VMWare Learner. I learnt from one of VMWare courses offered from NDG that VDS (Distributed vSwitch) is applicable to NSX-T, which is suitable for the modern network that has new technologies like public/private clouds and containerization technologies and also this type of DC networking virtualization does not require vSphere or vCenter, i.e. there is no vSphere or vCenter in its infrastructure.

Now I am taking another course and found VDS is now vDS and stands for "vSphere Distributed Switch" and it is the type suitable for NSX-T (not the other one NSX-V), but what made me quite confused that there is vCenter appliance involving with it called "vCenter Server Appliance (vCSA)" and the name convention now for VDS invloves vSphere !

My question is, why now vSphere and vCenter brought to NSX-T and vDS, despite it is not required, as I learnt from the previous course ?

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