This horizon server expects logon cred from another application or server - Error

I have Horizon View 7 confiugred with Access point and its been in production for months, no issues.

Now Im trying to implement VIDM (we have plan to implement airwatch and integrate).

I installed VIDM server and configured View Pod, synced with No error's. Configued SAML settings on View admin console and accepted the certificate.

Users are able to login to VIDM but when they try to access the applications, I get this below error

This horizon server expects logon cred from another server.

Same issue posted here https://communities.vmware.com/thread/551448?start=0&tstart=0

I not sure whether this is causing the issue. This is what i found in connection server logs

2017-03-02T02:06:48.954-08:00 INFO  (0374-1618) <BackgroundJob InternalVmSweeper(235)> [BackgroundJob] Background job InternalVmSweeper finished

2017-03-02T02:09:41.378-08:00 ERROR (0374-156C) <ajp-nio-8009-exec-9> [SamlAuthFilter] (SESSION:c1e5_***_6f2c) Problem determining assertion from SAML Auth: Error when sending request to artifact resolution service at https://vidm_fqdn/SAAS/auth/saml/artifact/resolve

2017-03-02T02:09:41.379-08:00 ERROR (0374-156C) <ajp-nio-8009-exec-9> [ProperoAuthFilter] (SESSION:c1e5_***_6f2c) Error performing authentication: Enabled SAML Authenticator's Issuer/entityId not matched with SAML Artifact

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I had users start reporting this error pop-up when launching a desktop through vIDM portal into an HTML browser tab.  I restarted the AccessPoint device and the messages stopped...

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