The form for web app url doesn't allow for correct formatting

I believe this is a bug. The webapps -> edit -> webapp URL field doesn't allow for a second colon in the URL.

I deployed vRA/vRB/vROPs/Log Insight from the Suite Lifecycle Manager and it populates the vROPS and Log Insight webapp urls as:

https://<IP ADDRESS>:443/SAAS/auth/oauth2/authorize?response_type=code&client_id=b9c0f66f-1b80-461f-9ead-ab3a8e0c18c7&redirect_uri=https://<IP ADDRESS>/login

But Identity Manager displays "Invalid URL" because of the colons. If I take off the :443 and everything after the last "=" it will let the "Next" button work.

These fields were populated by vSLM, which stupidly set IP addresses instead of hostnames, which it was given in the setup, so SSL doesn't work. The first IP can be changed by changing the redirect URL in Log Insight for example if I remember correctly (I've since deleted the entire appliance, so I don't have it in front of me), but the second IP can't be changed, nor can the name of the webapp be changed because you can't get through the steps to complete the webapp.

This whole Suite Lifecycle Manager deployment was a giant clusterf....pretty much nothing worked after deployment, going to have to start over and do each piece individually.

I've got to imagine there is a javascript file somewhere that restricts the formatting of that form field, anyone know which one?

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