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Shared Device - Launcher - Chrome problem

Hi team,

I have a bit problem. I have a LG device (Android 9.0.0), enroll in workspace ONE UEM v20.03 (but it happen in other versions) in Android Enterprise, Full Managed Device, with a multiuser launcher.

I have some applications in launcher (4.5), Chrome, Mozilla firefox and Acrobat, between others.

When I try to download a pdf from Chrome, the file download, but i can't choose open the pdf. The download appears in Notification Bar, you can push it, but nothing happen.

In Mozilla if you download the file, a windows appear and you can choose in it download or open, and you can see the file.

Anybody knows, what can i do to view the file from chrome?

I have found in custom profile for launcher without exit, because the option that i found is skipCosuSetup, and then appears "open with" option,but it let the user go free to some settings terminal options that before they can't.


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