Self Service Portal and single sign on

Hi everyone, thank you for your time.

Is it possible to configure SSO into a DS hosting the SSP? If so, how? Right now it is challenging for credentials, which is alright, but in the context of distributing tokens for enrollment, this is a bit non-user friendly.

Specifically, we'd only want SSO if coming from our internal network (adding to the challenge - perhaps WS1 Access can help here?).

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Hi Sluzi,


you are right, WS1 Access would help you in this case. You need to enable SAML under Settings > System > Enterprise Integration > Directory Services and then allow authentication against the SSP using SAML:


     Enable SAML Authentication For 

     o Admin
     o Enrollment
     x Self-Service Portal
...which basically could be any SAML capable IdP of your choice (VMware WS1 Access, Okta, etc.).
The attached document is old but still applicable for your use-case using Workspace ONE Access (formally known as Identity Manager) or you visit this blog-post describing each step: 
- Alex
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