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Samsung Tablets unable to connect to WiFi after Android 13 update

Hi, all

By looking over the forums, it appears that Android 13 has been causing some issues on various devices across the board as of late.

I have deployed 39 tablets to various retail stores in the past few months and have had no critical issues - until now. And only a handful are experiencing these issues. These tablets are Samsung S8+ and were not having issues connecting to the various store's networks before this.

These tablets are WiFi-only devices. Management didn't see the need to have these be LTE/5G enabled like the previous ones (a cause of frustration on my end) due to cost associated with a carrier.

-We have these tablets locked down so employees cannot change settings on these. 

-We are using Workspace One UEM (Version: 2210) and have Launcher loaded on these. Not seeing any issues with the Launcher profile that I can tell, since we they have just worked

Anyone else in the same situation and are there any potential solutions?

Thanks in advance

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