SEG V2 ActiveSync Issue

We are in the process of migrating from SEG Classic Windows 2008 server to SEG V2 Windows 2016. The SEG Classic server is currently synching email from our Exchange 2016 server without issue. I created a second MEM configuration in the SEG console and we are using the same URL, certificate chain, name, etc. and on the night of the cutover, using the same IP address on the new server whilst disabling the network connection on the old SEG Classic server. I've tested the connection to the SEG/Airwatch after making the new configuration the default and that all tests good.  The problem is, once we flip the switch to use the new SEG V2 server, the email never starts flowing to the mobile devices.  In the diagnostic on the SEG server I see

"certAuthEnabled" : false,

and then several lines down:

"mailServerConnectivity" : {

  "serverReachable" : true,

  "statusCode" : 401,

  "statusMessage" : "Unauthorized "

Any ideas why email never flows or what I'm missing here?

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