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SAP Fiori Client App Configuration iOS

When I was researching application configuration for the SAP Fiori Client, I remember having a heck of a time finding information on how to do it with AirWatch. I could find other MDMs but it took having someone with access to SAP knowledge base articles to finally find the missing piece of the puzzle to get it to work in AirWatch. It really made me wonder why this information was not easier to obtain. So we are:

When assigning your app, enable Send Application Configuration

Configuration key = config
Value Type = String
Configuration Value = {' keyname' :' keyvalue' , ' keyname2' :' keyvalue' }


You can enter as many keys as required in this one Configuration Value field by separating them with a comma. For example:

{' appID' :' com.sap.fiori.client.release' ,' fioriURL' :' https://yourfiorihost.yourdomain.
com' ,' fioriURLisSMP' :false, ' disablePasscode' :true}

Notice that you do no need parenthesis around the boolean key types.

Also, if you run multiple instances of SAP Fiori (the ' Client'  id), you can send the client number (and a username & password if you really wanted) using a URL query, so that your users don't have to change it. You will want to use the full URL path, rather than a simple URL like:

' https://yourfiorihost.yourdomain.com/sap/bc/ui5_ui5/ui2/ushell/shells/abap/Fiorilaunchpad.html?sap-c...'

Where the numbers after sap-client= would correspond to your client number.


I hope that helps someone save a little bit of time.



Here are other config keys: https://help.sap.com/doc/38ec5403bfbf4d7a8fdd3fee5f9605e0/3.0.14/en-US/fa599554d6fd44e6b0998683267de...

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Thanks for the post Jeff.  I had a similar experience testing in our QA-BYOD environment - found this worked perfectly for the iOS platform, but couldn't get ' Android'  working.  After getting VMware support online along with some SAP Fiori client resources we discovered the App Config wouldn't work with Android ' Legacy'  (AirWatch term, i.e. non-AFW) devices.  I confirmed it would work with a quick setup of Android Enterprise (formerly referenced, and in some circles aka, AFW).  Also of interest was all the config keys were pre-populated when I enabled App Config for my Android Enterprise setup - just had to delete the ones I didn't want and enter the values for the others.  My testing was specific to Fiori, so I can't speak to App Config with other applications running on Android (non-AFW).
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The good thing is that SAP has updated it's documentation and at:
Configuring SAP Fiori Client Using a Third-Party MDM Solution
you can find now an example for AirWatch.
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Hello Jeff!
Thanks for that! I spend a lot of time to figure out how I can connect to our SAP host internally..

I appreciate!
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