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RabbitMQ Status

We're preparing an upgrade from to 3.3 and I'm reading that rabbitmq shouldn't be in use after 2.9.1.  Since we upgraded from an earlier version to I want to validate that what I see on the IDM appliances is correct.  This is what I see when I run "rabbitmqctl cluster_status" on each of the nodes that are currently

Cluster status of node rabbitmq@node1...

[{nodes,[{disc, [rabbitmq@node1]}]},

{running_nodes, [rabbitmq@node1]},


{partitions, [ ] },

{alarms,[{rabbitmq@node1,[ ]}]}]

Basically node1 above is the name of the node I am running it from.

I'm wondering if rabbitmq is even supposed to be there anymore.

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