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Publishing windows 32 Internal Apps and deploying windows 10 multi-app kiosk.

I am trying to set up a multi-app kiosk that will be deployed across 400+ devices. I am able to create a profile with a kiosk with windows store apps deploy it. However I am running into problems when trying to use regular win32 exe apps. I can publish apps Apps & Books > Applications > Internal and they show as available in the kiosk builder. But once i deploy the profile the kiosk profile wont load on the device. The profile status shows: ' install pending' . On checking the device the apps have installed as i can launch them from a regular windows desktop however, there is not kiosk account available.

I also tried to create a custom kiosk.xml file but am unable to upload it into the profile, when i try i keep getting an error message reporting ' You Have Exceeded The Storage Limit'

Any help setting up a kiosk will be welcome
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