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Preview Server not wrking with .doc,.xls, and .ppt extensions

Hello guys,

I'm in an issue with preview server it simply doesn't work with any office suit file, my preview server is a Windows 2008 R2 and I'm using Office 2010 in the machine, also there isn't any windows firewall activated, and logs located on Preview are not so clear:

03-04-2014 12:47:28.146 [HTTP 12E4]   <2693ms
03-04-2014 12:47:28.146 [HTTP 12E4]   >CExcelConverter::Initialize
03-04-2014 12:47:28.364 [HTTP 12E4]   The default Excel printer is 'Enviar a OneNote 2010 en nul:'.
03-04-2014 12:47:28.364 [HTTP 12E4]   <229ms
03-04-2014 12:47:28.364 [HTTP 12E4]   >CVisioConverter::Initialize
03-04-2014 12:47:28.364 [HTTP 12E4]   *** ERROR *** m_spApplication is NULL. @ visioconverter.cpp line 35 [CVisioConverter::Initialize()]
03-04-2014 12:47:28.380 [HTTP 12E4]   <0ms
03-04-2014 12:47:28.380 [HTTP 12E4]   <3868ms

I made the reinstall of windows preview twice, I'm using Horizon Workspace 1.8

Any light will be appreciated very,  a lot!



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installing the preview server is one part of the setup. Have you also configured your data-va server to point to the preview server ?

In case you haven't log on your data-va server and type :

su - zimbra

zmlocalconfig -e ms_converter_url="http://xx.xx.xx.xx"

zmmailboxdctl restart

Once that is done you also have to do the following for each COS you have defined in Horizon Files

zmprov mc "cosname" hzndataConverterHints UseMsPDFConverter

On my data-va I have also installed the libreoffice following the doc center.

Let me know if it helps


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Hello Seb,

I solve in this way, reboot all data-va vms, then re run libre-office script, then re-point to preview server previous take out from maintenance mode the data-va's.


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