Multi account Exchange Active Sync profile not installing on IOS 14.6

Running SaaS Console version Version: (2102)

Multi (2) account Exchange Active Sync profile not installing on IOS 14.6.

Entry in device log (in Console): "The payloads in this profile do not have unique identifiers"

When the Profile is split into two  single account Device profiles,they install both succesfully.

This  happens on IOS 14.6 and 14.5, not on IOS 14.3.

Has IOS stopped supporting multiple Mail accounts in single profile?

Anyone else? Fixed?


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You are not alone, we've seen this on iOS as well

I thought it would be fixed in relation to this fix in Patch Resolved Issues
AAPP-11909: Generate unique PayloadIdentifier in configuration profile on push.

We're running and the issue still appears, have tried incrementing the version, adding/removing to the mail accounts defined, copying the profile, creating a new one, they all exhibit the same issue.

I've checked the XML of the profile, and all accounts have the same "PayloadIdentifier": <string>(uuid).Exchange ActiveSync</string>.

"Exchange ActiveSync" is the default mailbox name, but all ours are different from "Exchange ActiveSync", so my presumption is that they're reusing the UUID portion and wanted to suffix it with the mailbox name, but for whatever reason keep it suffixes the default name instead, hence only one EAS-profile per iOS profile.

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