Migration workspace one UEM (airwatch) from on prem to dedicated saas

Good morning at all,

I am newbie with Workspace ONE .

I need to migrate for a customer their airwatch on prem  to cloud.

This is my first time and so I do not know the procedure to do it.

Exist a guide/walktrough for doing that activity ? Somebody can help me ? 

Unfortunately, I still don tknow the specific of the customer infrastructure , and so I just need a general guide

Thanks in advance

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You'll most likely need professional services, there isn't really a walkthrough/guide as it'll be specific to the companies requirements. It's something that will require planning quite granulary, one thing for sure is though you will need to wipe & re-enrol all devices into the new instance. It's a great time to change any kinks that you may be having. But yeah, professional services is your best bet. 


You need to upload the copy of your database file to the VMware team and provide the URL certificates if you do not want reenroll the devices as well as use the same url for the websites. VMware will import and provide your the Saas portal. You will be seeing the WS1 site same as your onpremise.


Also, you need to get aligned commercially.