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Migration from JAMF MDM to WorkSpace One MDM

We have absorbed another department at the University I work at.  The dept has 60-70 iPads enrolled in DEP in their JAMF Pro MDM Console and the devices are distributed out to various individuals across the University.

I need to get these devices somehow migrated over to our WorkSpace One MDM Console with as little interruption as possible.  Does anyone know any processes for this or has anyone experienced doing this before?

The devices currently enrolled in the JAMF Console are Enrolled in DEP, Have DEP Profiles assigned to them and those profiles push down various Apple VPP Apps and some other settings.  At the end of this, the same devices would be enrolled in WorkSpace One, Enrolled in DEP and Have our DEP Profiles assinged to them with proper Apple VPP Apps and Profiles being pushed down to them.

I am guessing that I could send a Device Wipe to each device, Unassign the Serial Number from the JAMF MDM, Assign the Serial Number to WorkSpace One MDM, Apply the proper DEP Profile from WorkSpace One and Power them back on....and with more time and the ability to gather all of the devices up, this would be the process.  But there are a bunch of issues in getting all the devices brought in as well as the time (day or so) the devices would be unusable, so I wanted to know if there was a way I could migrate them over "As-Is" for now and then plan for the Wipe and Reinstall Process.....

Any help is greatly appreciated.......

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VMware Employee
VMware Employee

BrianPitt​ - we typically recommend folks that are migrating from another MDM to Workspace ONE leverage one of our partners:

That said, a few things to note: 

  1. You can always move the device records in Apple Business Manager ahead of time.   Moving the serial numbers between MDM servers in Apple Business Manager has no effect on the current configuration of the device.   This way you're prepped and ready if any of those devices end up going through wipe/refresh before you get to it in your process.
  2. Since your end goal is to get the devices DEP enrolled, you are correct that you'll need to wipe the device and start from scratch to have an "Apple-approved" DEP enrollment on the device.   However, I've seen in the past where the MDM command to device wipe is destructive to macOS.   In other words, you end up with a non-bootable device that you then need to run through Internet Recovery. 
  3. A better method might be to send a script to the device (assuming they're on Catalina) that downloads the Catalina installer with the softwareupdate command (/usr/sbin/softwareupdate --fetch-full-installer --full-installer-version 10.15.2).  You can then initiate a device wipe using the Catalina Installer: '/Applications/Install macOS Catalina.app/Contents/Resources/startosinstall' ‑‑eraseinstall --agreetolicense --forcequitapps ‑‑newvolumename 'Macintosh HD'. If the devices are not on Catalina, you'll most likely need to experiment with using VPP to deliver the macOS installer and/or package it up as an Internal App.    If memory serves me correctly, the "EraseInstall" option was introduced prior to Catalina.   This script may also help you down the path:   https://github.com/grahampugh/erase-install