Locked iPad what to do


What do you guys do for the problem of employees that quit the company but leave their Apple ID on the device ?

What do you do to get it back so you can use it with another user ?

Is there a way toi prevent users to lock their iPad so that we keep control on it if the user quit the company and sthe device still has an Apple ID ?

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since it's a company all devices should be registered to apple business manager (DEP)

apple id should not matter and you can just remote wipe the devices or reset it via apple configurator 2 (sadly a mac only application, had the buy a mac air to use one tool >_> )

i you arent part of apples ABM/DEP program you miss a huge part of the benefits like:

# give 0 fks about the apple id 😉

# auto-enrollment into the company with enforced user credentials

# mark and lock stolen/lost devices, without the need for the apple id (via apple support)

# ...

Assign purchased devices to Apple Business Manager - Apple Support

i'm not a fan of apple devices, but ABM/DEP was and is a good idea.

but i guess your problem right now is: no ABM registered devices, private apple id and after reset you need that id to redeploy the devices.

solution: apple support, but they always want the device bill that includes the device serial number.



We have a vast majority of Apple product that are enrolled in DEP, but we also have some devices that are older and not eligible to DEP.

My question was more for these. do you know if theres is a way to block the option Localisation, but still be able to find it in Workspace One ?

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