Launcher 4.7 dialer issue

Hi everyone,

I recently set up some work managed Samsung Galaxy XCover 4s phones with Launcher (multi app) and most things seem to work fine except for some problems with the dialer. They work fine for a while but then suddenly they can no longer dial out. They type in a phone number and hit 'call', the number disappears and nothing happens. Sometimes a restart will fix the problem. 

Has anyone else had any problems with this? Any help is appreciated. 

I have added these as hidden apps:

I removed the launcher for now.

Is it possible to use the native dialer instead?

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I had the same problem but was solved via another user who suggested

Hidden apps

Custom setting

<characteristic  type="" uuid="568bc89d-1df8-4ce9-a041-e5a24acdb7ec"><parm name="SkipCosuSetup" value="True"/></characteristic>

<characteristic type="" uuid="568bc89d-1df8-4ce9-a041-e5a24acdb7ec"><parm name="SkipUsageAccessPermission" value="True"/></characteristic>


This solved the exact issue you had as I was experiencing it too.

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