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Identity Manager for Published Citrix Apps

I have dozens of Citrix apps that I would like to publish externally.  However, Citrix Netscaler is not allowed in my environment.  In my experience, Netscaler Gateway serves two functions:

  1. Broker a ticket between the STA and the Receiver using RADIUS/LDAP AD authentication
  2. Sitting in the DMZ, proxy ICA traffic between a Receiver in a public network and the Citrix Components (StoreFront + XenApp) in the private network

I see a lot of diagrams online showing that basically VMware Identity manager just tells the Receiver to send the traffic to the XenApp farm.

If VMware Identity Manager isn't working as a proxy for the XenApp 7.8 farm, then do we still need to use Netscaler Gateway?  Since VMware Identity Manager is the one performing the aforementioned brokering function, is it safe to just use a generic HTTPS reverse proxy instead of a Netscaler?

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