IDM Connector and Multi-Domain

How does one deploy a connector to be able to see multi-domain?  I installed a connector on DomainA. When configuring a directory in Workspace One Access, I was able to see the DomainA as well as DomainB.  I believe it's because there is a two-way forest trust between DomainA and DomainB.  However, the subdomains from DomainB (i.e. DomainB-1, DomainB-2, etc) did not show up under "Domains" in the directory.  But if i install a connector on DomainB-1, i can see the root domain (DomainB), as well as the other sub-domains.

Why was I able to see the root Domain of one forest but not its subdomains? What's the best way to deploy connectors to a 2-way trust forest?

Thanks in advanced!

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