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I'm trying to upgrade workspace one V9.6 TO WORKSPACE ONE 2008

I'm trying to upgrade workspace one V9.6 TO WORKSPACE ONE 2008, is it necessary to upgrade database, or i can install only console installer ?  on the document guide this how it is >

4 Search for the installer associated with the version to which you want to upgrade.
If you are on AirWatch v9.3 or below: Download the database upgrade package to bring the
database version up to v9.3. For detailed informtion on upgrading to v9.3, see the How to
Self Upgrade an On-Premises Environment kb article.
5 Select either the Full Installer or the Patch Installer for the version you want.
6 Download the installer, which includes the application server installer and database installer
for the latest version.
Workspace ONE UEM highly recommends that you retain the latest installer files

please help

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Hot Shot
Hot Shot

Yes, the database must also be upgraded to match the console version. The console server will not install if the database is not upgraded. The requirements for the servers must also be met too. You could also go to version 2011 for on-premise as well. The full installer includes installers for database and others like Device Services and Console.

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Yes, you have to upgrade your Database. When you are running the full installer. it will stop all services. What i have to do everytime is to switch all airwatch services to "disable" and reboot the server first to be sure every Services are stopped. the installer didn't reach to stop every services. then as it is mention, i launch the database upgrader. when it's finished, i go on upgrade the program at the full installer. then i switch all services to automatic. be sure to make a save of your database and a copy of the airwatch folder before upgrading to have the possibility to reverse the process.

As i can say to every Airwatch Administrator : Good Luck !


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