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How to Automate Regression Testing of WS1 APIs

We have built a custom app that we use to interface with WS1.  With every WS1 upgrade (we are on-prem), I would like to run a set of automated regression tests against the WS1 APIs that our app uses to verify that all calls are still working.  However, many of these tests are expensive because they end up manipulating or deleting/wiping iOS devices, which requires me to re-enroll them before i can test again. Does anyone know of a way to validate these WS1 API calls without manipulating the data (ie: Dry Run)?  OR, better yet, are there ways to simulate iOS device objects without having a physical device?  

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If you actually know which APIs you are calling, you should be able to perform the same calls for example with Powershell on a regular basis to verify/monitor availability of your requests.