Google Managed Play - Revoke app approval when app requests new permissions


I have a question regarding controlling the managed App version upgrade on device and restricting this via Google managed play Using managed google play app if I use “Revoke app..” option ( Refer screenshot),

  1. App will be unapproved from managed play store and removed from device Managed Private playstore followed by uninstallation from the device whenever there is new permission requested or new release has been pushed by app developer?


             App will be just unapproved from managed play store and will not impact any device already installed the app?

          2. App getting Unapproved on managed playstore will see any impact on devices if the app was earlier pushed on Devices as the available app via EMM AirWatch ( not required / non-mandatory app) and device have not installed this app and now trying to install the app after this change on Google managed play as unapproved?

       3. After approving the app, will new update will be pushed to the device automatically if the app is already installed with old version or device has to reinstall this app with new version?

Google play sc.PNG

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I saw that there is a post identical to Google support, if it is yours you did well:


I think that's the most suitable place for an answer.


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