External Access to Horizon via vIDM


My aim is to get users to be able to log onto a virtual desktop via vIDM.

As the vIDM appliance is placed in the DMZ.  The documentation says that I wont need a reverse proxy or load balancer as the vIDM appliance is in the DMZ.  The external name is  The internal name is (note that the external DNS name is different from hostname).

I have deployed a vIDM Connector ( in the internal network next to the Horizon Connection Servers and domain controllers.  This connector is joined to the domain and will authenticate users.  There is also a UAG in the DMZ configured for external access to the Horizon environment so I can point my vIDM to the external DNS name to this UAG server..

Odd thing that I notice is when I access vIDM using the external URL (, I see the browser redirecting to the connector in the internal LAN  If coming from external, how can it see the internal name? (or will I need a UAG for reverse proxy for the connector??).



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