Devices Enrolled in Multiple Organization Groups

Hi, We’ve been experiencing some enrollment issues with our tablets, and I’m hoping someone might be able to help us understand why. I think the issues can be whittled down into two questions that stem from the enrollment process:

1. Sometimes our tablets don’t acquire the Launcher app
a. The tablet will get enrolled through the normal process, and it will download all of the apps within the assigned profile. However, there is no notification re. downloading the Launcher, and I don’t see a way to push the Launcher “app” remotely from AirWatch. It doesn’t appear to be a standard app that I could see in the apps tap in AirWatch; rather a bucket that contains the apps.
i. Is there a way to remotely push the Launcher for these scenarios?

2. I am finding instances where tablets are enrolled in multiple organization groups, when I search for that tablet's serial # in Airwatch.
a. I’ve noticed that, if the tablet is connected to a network during unenrollment, it will automatically unenroll in the AirWatch portal. If the tablet is offline during unenrollment, it will allow us to proceed with the unenrollment process, and maintain the old record in the AirWatch portal. We then later find that we have to manually delete the old device records in the AirWatch portal.
i. Is there a way to quickly identify devices that are enrolled in multiple groups?
b. Sometimes a message will appear when attempting to re-enroll, saying that the device is already enrolled. But this message does not always appear.
i. Is that message solely contingent upon whether the device was connected to the network or not during enrollment?

I'm thinking that these two issues are perhaps intertwined somehow. We are still using AirWatch Agent_v6.1.0.55, which I understand is an older version of the app. Any additional insight or recommendations to handling these enrollment issues we’re encountering would be greatly appreciated.


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#1 repush the profile Launcher form the tablet details view.

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