Dell provisioning process not quick enough for rebuilds.

Hey Guys,

I understand that the provisioning process is a one off process, once the PPKG and unnatend.xml are correct I then upload to dell and they image new devices in the factory and can send directly to the end user.

But what about rebuilds for example when a new staff member inherits the old device and that device needs to be rebuilt / reset?

what's the best and quickest practice? I cant expect Desktop Support to go thru the Dell Provisioning process every time a rebuild / reset is required as it takes like, 30mins..

we are still a domain joined AD environment.

I can only think of resetting the laptop, rejoining domain and adding a startup script for airwatchagent.msi with relevant commands such as ASSIGNLOGGEDONUSER etc to run from Active Setup? 

but what if a user just passes the laptop to another user, as we know WSOne doesn't support multiple users on Windows 10. do I run a similar script uninstalling the Intelligent Hub and reinstalling for the new user..?

any better ideas?






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What about booting into audit mode, run a cleanup script, then utilize the drop-ship provisioning from USB?  Does this still seem too labor-intensive?  I know the factory reset on Latitudes take some time but may be the cleanest. 

I'm interested to hear if anyone else has advice from experience.

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