Correct list of SQL Agent Jobs

After several in-place upgrades and migration to SQL AO before it was supported I am not sure the SQL job list has no orphans from previous version. At least, I had to manually edit and rename AAG_EnableJobs to force it properly enable and disable jobs on replica switch. Could someone compare my job list with his on 1909 OnPremise?

AirWatch_DB - AAG Enable Jobs (this one I had to rename and edit SQL script)

AirWatch_DB - ADP_Export

AirWatch_DB - ContentStatus_Update

AirWatch_DB - ContentStorage_Update

AirWatch_DB - DuplicateCertificates_Purge

AirWatch_DB - ExpiredAccounts_Disable

AirWatch_DB - Grid Export Data

AirWatch_DB - Purge Expired Sample Data

AirWatch_DB - Refresh entities and settings

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This is my list from version 19.02:

AirWatch - ADP_Export
AirWatch - ContentStatus_Update
AirWatch - ContentStorage_Update
AirWatch - DuplicateCertificates_Purge
AirWatch - ExpiredAccounts_Disable
AirWatch - ExpiredAccounts_Disable - AG specific
AirWatch - Grid Export Data
AirWatch - Purge Expired Sample Data
AirWatch - Purge Expired Sample Data - AG specific
AirWatch - Refresh entities and settings - disable on my side
Airwatch - Database full backup subplan
AirWatch - Full backul manual subplan
AirWatch - Maintenance plan
Airwatch - ReportServicesBackup
AirWatch - Systemdatabsess Backup
Airwatch - TransactionLogBackup Subplan

I also check the online documentation to see waht are the correct jobs.
I also have an incident opened at VMware regarding a job that is failing ( AirWatch - ContentStorage_Update ). Vmware is saying that is not their job 🙂
I think they don;t know either 🙂

Hope this post helps you.
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