Boxer SDK Lockout Issue

We have a handful of devices that are intermittently not using the defined SSO passcode policy that is assigned for the Boxer app. Our SDK timeout policy is set to 30 min but when Boxer is in the background, the users waits roughly a minute and then go back to Boxer and they're prompted for their passcode again. I checked the logs under Boxer > Support > Send Logs and I am seeing "apppasscodetimeout: 30" in the BoxerDebugLogs file, so Boxer sees the policy.  I also noticed that on a working device in Boxer under Settings > Advanced > Passcode > there's a "Change Boxer passcode" option.  On a device that locks before the 30 min timeout I noticed the "Change Boxer passcode" is missing.

Has anyone experienced this intermit behavior before with their SDK lockout policies?

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