BYOD Enrollment - Registered vs MDM iOS

I'm learning WS1 and trying to understand the full differences and implications between registered mode vs MDM enrolled for BYOD devices (iOS).

It seems that Registered mode is missing:

  • data about the device (installed apps, location, security settings, etc)
  • ability to apply profiles
  • ability to install apps
  • ability to enforce compliance
  • ability to secure email

It seems that the only real thing I can do is provide Intelligent Hub and the services it provides?  Can I do anything else with it?

A few quick questions:

  1. If an app is published to Intelligent hub for a registered only device, the app would link to the app store?  Since there isn't a way to install the app for the user?
  2. Would I be able to use MEM for a registered-only device, or does MEM require full MDM enrollment?
  3. Other than just having the device registered in WS1, what can I actually do with a registered only device?  (specifically, wondering about securing email).  For example, I know I can push notifications via Intelligent Hub, provide an app catalog, etc.
  4. What are some real world practical use cases for using registered mode instead of requiring MDM?

Thanks in advance!

PS, I have read the following:

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