Auto-Delete users that aren't anymore in LDAP security groups

Good day!

I have a concern about directory user management in WorkspaceONE console (SaaS environment, latest version).

So this is a product feature request:

I sync my users and admins through an enterprise directory and notice that adding a user goes flawless. When it comes to deleting users from our LDAP groups, I see that users disappear from the user group but still exist in the console. Is it possible that when a user or admin is removed from the LDAP group, it is automatically removed from the console also?

At this very moment, we have to control users manually by having a look at the console users and comparing with the LDAP groups, one by one.
By removing users automatically from the console when they are removed from LDAP groups, it would save us so much time, and leave the console cleaner.

Thank you!
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This used to be an option it was removed, however it would be beneficial and a great function for it to be re-instated.
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