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Apps with restrictions set are persistent even after app is unassigned


We're having an issue with whatsapp which was deployed to a set of devices (iOS) as to test the access to professional contacts.

All devices had whatsapp installed from Apple App Store and we then added all devices to an Assignment Group that had an assignment on whatsapp with the following restrictions enabled : 

Managed access : Check

Remove on unenroll : check

Prevent Backup : check

Make App MDM Managed if user installed : check

The proof of concept worked perfetly fine as, in those conditions, Whatsapp was able to make the match between professional contacts sent from our EAS profile and whatsapp accessing corporate data.

Problem is when we wanted to have those devices return to normal, we have not been able so far to remove any of the restrictions. As a consequence, whatsapp on these devices only allows to see corporate contacts and no longer private contacts (iCloud / gmail account etc).

Did any of you have some kind of similar behavior (removing any restriction on an app will not repercute the changes to currently enroleld devices) ?



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