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App Tunnel with AppConfig&Airwatch SDK Approaches

I'm reviewing the documentation in the link below for tunnel integration to my android and ios application.

I see there are 2 different approaches here, AppConfig.org and Airwatch SDK. When I examine the app config approach for the Android application, I see that nothing will be done on the application side, only the necessary settings have been made from the admin console. However, in the Airwatch SDK approach, besides the settings to be made in the admin panel, there are operations that need to be done in the application.
If it can only be done by entering the setting from the workspace one admin panel, why is the airwatch sdk approach adapted by making changes in the application? What is the difference between these two?
I ask this because my ios and android application was developed with Microsoft's Xamarin technology and only appconfig approach can be used for tunnel in Xamarin Android. Does this cause a situation like I can't use the tunnel feature on android?

Thanks in advanced.

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VMware Employee
VMware Employee


Please check out this KB article on VMware Airwatch SDK Xamarin Plugin 2.1 introduction. 

Also, please have a look at these additional resources related to tunnel integration. 

Workspace ONE Managed AppConfig Sample - Android. 

Workspace ONE Managed AppConfig Sample - iOS

Tunneling and integrated Authentication with the VMware Workspace ONE SDK for Android.



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