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Android vs iOS - Boxer Functionality

I think this question has been brought up before, but I don't recall seeing a definitive answer so hopefully someone can help me.  Examples below:  


User with an enrolled iPhone:

They use Native Mail, Calendar, Contacts for their personal (Gmail) account, but Boxer for secure corporate Mail, Calendar, Contacts.  The setting in Boxer has "Local Calendars" and "Local Contacts" enabled, and as a result the user can (within Boxer) see and interact with the Calendar entries and/or Contacts from the Native personal (Gmail) account.  

Same user with an enrolled Android device (I've tried multiple device types, but for the sake of this example let's call it a Pixel 6 Pro): 

They use the native Google Apps for their personal (Gmail) account, and Boxer (in the Android for Work profile) for secure Mail, Calendar, Contacts.  In the Android version of Boxer, I see no toggles to enable Local Calendars or Local Contacts, however, during the (Managed) installation of Boxer on the device the user is prompted to Allow access to Calendars, Contacts, etc.  Even when choosing to allow access, the Calendar and Contacts for the local Google account do not appear in Boxer.  Is there any way to change this?  


Even when I add a Gmail account to the Boxer app in Android, only the Mail from that account shows up.  It does not show Calendar or Contacts from that Gmail account that has been added to Boxer, and they do not even appear as options when choosing which Calendars or Contacts to display within the Boxer settings.  I won't even go into the craziness of adding a Gmail account to Boxer on an enrolled iOS device.  That is all over the road.  

Thanks in advance!  

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