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Android tablet Shared tablet launcher displaying different user when logged in


WS1 UEM SaaS version (2203)

Launcher 22.7.0

Android OS versions 8.1 to 12.0

We have shared tablets that logon with a staged user at enrollment after launcher is deployed. 

Not long after we upgraded to launcher version 22.7.0, we have been having multiple users when logging into the launcher have a different user account being shown as logged in on the top right corner of the launcher desktop. It is not affecting the operation of the tablet but it's a visual bug that is confusing the users and we are receiving lots of calls.


Anyone had that issue? And how did you go about resolving it. I have a ticket with VMware Support but they have gone quiet after asking me some basic questions.


Further update:
Found out that the field is a look up attribute that should update dynamically displaying the First and Last Name of the logged in user. However, that is not dynamically updating. 
Anyone seen this?


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