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Android App Permissions - Managed Play Store App Installs

I'm deploying to fully managed devices running Android 10 and 11

When I deploy, I use the Profile for Application Permissions - and I have the apps listed and all permissions granted

Then I am pushing a product that will launch the app via Intent - however the app is not getting the permissions properly from the App Permissions Profile

So the launch fails

Then I have to push the permissions policy again

and then push the launch product again

How should I go about controlling timing of these assignments to make sure permissions fully apply to an app before something happens next??


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Hot Shot
Hot Shot

There is a product version of profiles.  I've not tried them.  I've not tried the permissions profiles you are referring to yet.  However, I think you can recreate or import your profile into this product profile area and then use product dependencies to ensure the profile is applied prior to your application launch.  You could also consider launching them as a Product Set or possibly as separate components within the same product.

That's where I would explore, anyway.

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